Corbette Jackson

Corbette Jackson

The experiences we face throughout our lives, in many cases, can determine who we become. They not only shape our character, but they guide us to our destiny. This is the case for singer-songwriter, Corbette Jackson. His life journey consists of a series of events that collided to form the reason he creates fearlessly and the way he embraces music.

Corbette Jackson grew up in Newnan, GA with the same interests as any typical small town American kid. However, he was exposed to domestic violence at a young age, putting both him and his mother’s safety in jeopardy. In efforts to escape an abusive household, Corbette’s mother took him and his brother and moved to Puerto Rico, to temporarily live with Corbette’s grandparents. Despite all of the chaos around him, Corbette found solace by putting on his headphones, walking around the countryside outside of San Juan embracing the music. In those moments he became aware of his desire to create music that could help others discover hope and a sense of purpose and understanding.

Fast forward to Corbette Jackson’s teenage years where he put his destiny in motion by moving to Nashville after graduating from high school. His first musical endeavor was a fund-raising song for a hometown friend who was battling Stage 4 cancer. The release, “Heart of A Champion,” quickly became one of the most requested songs in the Atlanta area and demonstrated to the young singer how his music could connect to affect meaningful change. He went on the road to support the single and his high-octane shows became widely renowned throughout the live music circuit in the southeast. But the relentless touring took its toll.

After the Heart of a Champion Tour, Corbette felt compelled to take time to pursue other interests. He enrolled in school and took classes while working in the emergency department of a trauma center at a Tennessee hospital.  And there, he came face to face with the stark realities of life, which led to his ultimate decision to return to music. “Introspectively, it was a tumultuous time.” says Jackson. “I was trying to decide if music was the path that I wanted to take and what I wanted out of life. Suddenly, I was working in a trauma room where people were fighting just to survive, where every moment was critical. It had a transformative effect on my life.”

After finishing school and wrapping up his time at the hospital, Corbette decided to return to his true love, making music. He wrote. He recorded. He started playing live shows again. And he found his sound. He became conscious of what really defines being authentic: being real with not only others, but with yourself. Now that sound is starting to be heard all over America.

Powered by a production team on opposite sides of the globe, in Nashville and in Tokyo, the Georgia native is redefining musical lines and genre boundaries.    


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Corbette Jackson Interview With Celebmix

Corbette Jackson Interview With Celebmix

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